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Project Description


Roofing and building envelop conditions are generally not considered until there is a failure; however, they are one of the critical building systems that provide safety and protection to all building features including the people who use the building.  Prolonged exposure and failure can pose significant hazard to the occupants and the building structure itself.

We are versed with a detailed understanding of moisture barrier systems and will make professional recommendations based on specific project requirements.  We consider financial and maintenance impact of all roofing applications.  We understand potential impact of roof replacement to a building’s structural and HVAC systems.  In addition, we are experienced with the public contracting requirements associated with the roofing industry.  Our details and project requirements are specific to project conditions, and are not based on “cookie cutter” details.  New system designs are carefully considered, with improvement measures such as slope, overflow, and improved insulation.

The following select project list represents our expertise:

  • San Jose State University Duncan Hall Phase I Science Lab Roof Replacement
  • San Jose State University Science Building Roof Replacement
  • San Jose State University Joe West Hall High Rise Roof Replacement
  • San Jose State University Duncan Hall Phase II Science Lab Roof Replacement
  • Oakland Unified Madison Middle School Roof Replacement
  • Oakland Unified Westlake Middle School Roof Replacement