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Project Description


We inhabit built environments which were created decades, and in some cases, centuries ago.  Antiquated building systems were designed with minimal considerations towards energy use and sustainability measures.  We believe there are great opportunities to improve existing buildings, from their envelopes to their mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems, in order to accomplish significant advancements in sustainability.

In making improvements, we are adaptable when considering the resources available.  We acknowledge that there are financial and operational impacts to every retrofit of an existing system.  We excel at assessing the performance of existing systems including energy use and system operation metrics.  Our team works with technical expertise to provide cost effective solutions and deliver calculated returns on investments, allowing the client to make educated decisions about their particular project.  We have successfully worked with various clients and various methods to deliver the following range of sustainable system improvements:

  • Window and building fenestration replacements
  • Furnace replacements
  • Boiler system replacements
  • Heating system improvements
  • Smart lighting retrofits
  • Building Management System implementations
  • Energy monitoring system implementations
  • Alternative energy generation
  • Grey water systems
  • Building envelope improvements