LOUISVILLE CHILDREN’S MUSEUM 2017-09-08T14:57:17+00:00

Project Description

The Louisville Children’s Museum welcomes visitors in much the same way that the Falls of the Ohio greeted cargo shippers centuries ago. Pedestrians are brought through the site, eventually reaching a point where a decision will need to be made: whether or not to engage in the activities of the Children’s Museum or to continue past. At this juncture, a vast atrium space presents itself, giving those on the entry level a view to the activities above and below. A super massive globe expands over the centralized open space, giving passersby a taste of the spectacle to behold throughout the museum.

Those who embark upon the journey through the Louisville Children’s Museum will encounter a wide variety of problems. To find the solutions to these problems adults will be equipped with Google Glasses while children will be equipped with only their wild imagination, thus levelling the playing field. Exhibitions will reveal new information or passage once solutions are presented.

The museum is arranged such that all activity orbits the globe. Access to this globe is provided from many levels, however this access is earned not given. The globe is home to a 3D IMAX interactive experience that is unrivaled in complexity and capability. Viewers are encouraged to get out of their seats and grasp hold of the tusk of a woolly mammoth, walk bravely through the bloodstream, and join tribal rituals taking place on the other side of the planet.