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Project Description

Jay Mahler Recovery Center is a behavioral health care center located in San Leandro, California.  The center provides intensive mental health and psychiatric treatment in a safe and welcoming environment for adults experiencing behavioral health emergencies.  The center provides a haven for initial support and care.

Byrens Kim Design Work, in collaboration with Jeff Luchetti Construction delivered the project through a design-build strategy.  The bridging design intent was carefully reviewed and improved to best serve the need of the behavioral health patients and the services professionals alike.  The center is organized into two operational zones, one of offices and staff area, and the other of patient living and treatment quarters.  The material selections of both these areas draw connections with natural elements.  Sightlines and interior volumes were planned out to provide bright and easily observable spaces.  Additional design elements include anti-ligature fixtures that preserve patient health.

The project utilized various pre-fabricated construction methods, and the design was carefully developed to accommodate the material and fabrication standards of the builder.  Design visions and updates during the selection process were shared with the project team in augmented reality.  This allowed the seamless sharing of the design intent with the client team, and allowed the design-build team to deliver a value added solution.

Learn more about the Jay Mahler Recovery Center and care provider Telecare here.